Classic Burgers

Made with love, NW natural beef, Martin’s potato roll, Duke’s mayonnaise, brown mustard, ketchup, shredded lettuce, sweet onions, homemade pickles and American cheese
Single / Double   $6.95 / $9.95
Tasty Fried Chicken   $9.95
Beer Battered Cod   $6.95
Veggie “Burger”   $6.95

Griddled and chopped onions, mushrooms, and peppers American cheese and classic burger toppings
Bless Your Heart Burger   $6.95
Carolina burger with chili, onions, cole slaw, yellow mustard, homemade pickles and American cheese
LL Cool J Burger   $8.95
Avocado, ranch and bacon
Josh’s Burger   $8.95
Chilies, pickled jalapeños and pepper jack
BBQ Burger   $8.95
House made BBQ sauce, cheddar and onion rings
Brunch Burger   $8.95
Classic single with fried egg and bacon
Add Ons   50¢ each
Griddled onions, peppers or mushrooms Mama Lil’s Peppers / cole slaw / chili
Extra Cheese   50¢ each
Cheddar, swiss, blue cheese or pepper jack
Bacon   $1
Gluten Free Bun   $2


Soft Serve Cones   $4
Choice of vanilla, death by chocolate or swirl
Soft Serve Cup and Fries   $7
Choice of vanilla, death by chocolate or swirl ice cream
Root Beer Float   $7
Vanilla with Virgil’s Root Beer
Ice Cream Sundae   $6.95
Choice of hot fudge or caramel
Milkshake   $6.95
Choice of banana, chocolate, vanilla malt or berry
Grown-Ass Shake   $9.95
Grasshopper with créme de cacao, créme de menthe and fernet



Fries & Sides

Small / Large   $2.50 / $5
BBQ w/ Ranch   $3.50 / $5.50
Chili Cheese   $5.50

with beer cheese sauce, onions and yellow mustard
Down n Dirty   $5.50
Griddled onions, peppers, mushrooms, beer cheese sauce, ranch and BBQ spice
Tasty Hush Puppies   $5.95
with honey butter
Onion Rings   $5.95 / $9.95
with ranch and BBQ sauce
Side of Ranch   50¢
Side of Tartar Sauce   50¢
Side of BBQ Sauce   75¢
Side of Chili   $1
Side of Beer Cheese Sauce   $1.50
Side of Guacamole   $1.50


Served with fries
Fish and Chips   $10.95
with housemade tartar sauce and Carolina slaw
East Carolina Cheesesteak   $9.95 / $15.95
Choice of beef or chicken with griddled onions, peppers, mushrooms and beer cheese sauce
Chili Cheese Dog   $6.95
with chili, onions, ketchup, yellow mustard and beer cheese sauce
Pretty Damn Good Chicken Strips   $10.95


Simple Greens   $5 / $9
Cucumber, pickled carrots, sweet onion and blue cheese
Bless Your Heart Salad   $7 / $12
Radicchio with ranch, blue cheese, bacon, sweet onion, croutons and chopped egg